Honeywell answers to questions I have had...

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Honeywell answers to questions I have had...

Post by Admin on Tue Aug 18, 2015 2:39 am

Case Description: Fax machine not able to receive faxes due to alarm!

Case Comments / Phone Notes: Try putting DSL filter on panel, and take ph# of 94 and check ring count in 95
Case Description: check 100 troubleshooting

Case Comments / Phone Notes: troubleshooting ... using 6160RF ... verified receiver was cut on A00 ... assigned fobs to a user code ... tested good
Case Description: open closed report

Case Comments / Phone Notes: informed tech to put a 1 in field 65 and 66
Case Description: asking about to use gsm only.....

Case Comments / Phone Notes: no phone line...
delete phone no...and
Case Description: Can we download to the panel?

Case Comments / Phone Notes: Told him we cannot download to the panel. Needs to do it on his own or his office people do it.
Case Description: make GSMV backup and telephone primary

Case Comments / Phone Notes: *29 1**

*54 2
*55 0
Case Description: assign the user to the fob

Case Comments / Phone Notes: tech want to know how to assign the user to the fob
MC 802 #4 49
MC 802 #4 53
Case Description: i need assistance changing the loop number on zone 19

Case Comments / Phone Notes: waited for alpha keypad ... assisted in *93 of program
Case Description: dialer format

Case Comments / Phone Notes: gave info
0 = 3+1; 4+1 ADEMCO Low Speed Standard
1 = 3+1; 4+1 Radionics Standard
2 = 4+2 ADEMCO Low Speed Standard
3 = 4+2 Radionics Standard
5 = ADEMCO Contact ID Reporting w/ 10 digit acct #
6 = 4+2 ADEMCO Express
7 = ADEMCO Contact ID Reporting
8 = 3+1; 4+1 ADEMCO Low Speed Expanded
9 = 3+1; 4+1 Radionics Expand
Case Description: ck100 showing on the keypad

Case Comments / Phone Notes: found did not accept any codes at all....isolated to the panel and found working fine....having return to the location if still not working then will need to trbleshoot the wiring
Case Description: not able to arm / disarm the system remotely

Case Comments / Phone Notes: Panel :- wa3001-2.4
informed panel is not compatible
may use 15p, 20p rev 9.12+
Case Description: LRR not working

Case Comments / Phone Notes: Cust gets an error of no communication path
Check the compatibility of radio and cust is workin with a 3GL/4GL
Explain to cust that is not compatible with is L5100 it is only compatible with the L5200


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